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About Simply Music®



“The Simply Music Program is fantastic! Reading music took too long for me and I would get bored and frustrated. Now with Simply Music, I am able to quickly learn songs from the shapes and patterns learning method. I now know over a dozen songs and I am still learning. Simply Music is the best piano learning method I have ever experienced. Ginny Blair helps me a lot and never gets frustrated or impatient. She is always eager to help if you are having trouble and this is the best thing you can ask for from a piano teacher. I would recommend Ginny Blair and Simply Music to anyone who is interested in learning to play the piano.”

~Eddie Estrada~

Simply Music® is a multi-sensory, breakthrough piano program. It is a non-traditional piano approach and it produces non-traditional results! Students of all ages see immediate results, learning song after song without reading one note on a page of music. The Simply Music® program temporarily delays the music reading process, and begins by teaching song after song to the student from their very first lessons. In Simply Music® the students learn through “clues”, (shapes, sentences, sequences, etc.). Songs are broken down to manageable parts to be learned each week. The Simply Music® program is not learning by rote and is not to be confused with the Suzuki method.

This approach is a “playing based” way of learning. Traditional piano lessons are “reading based”. It is a completely natural way of learning piano enabling the student to become articulate on the piano before note reading is introduced.

Expecting students to read music before they learn how to play the piano is like expecting children to read and spell before they have learned how to talk! In fact, we all talked for years before we learned how to read and spell. Beginning students, without having to focus on reading music, are free to relate directly to the piano in a creative way, learning to improvise and compose their own songs. Within months, they experience the freedom of creatively playing the piano and develop a deep connection with music as they build an extraordinary repertoire of contemporary, classical, blues, jazz and accompaniment pieces.

Simply Music® vs. Traditional Piano Lessons

Distinguishing features that separate Simply Music® from traditional piano lessons:

  • The quantity of music students learn to play
  • The quality of music students immediately learn to play
  • The speed of progress
  • The ease with which students experience the process
Student Goals
Please note the following goals for a Simply Music® student which are distinctly different than goals for a traditional piano student.
  • Having the ability to play a huge repertoire of songs in different styles (classical, contemporary, blues, jazz, accompaniments)
  • Experiencing playing as a natural self-expression
  • Having a highly positive, self-affirming experience with the learning process
Developing the ability to self-generate i.e. the ability to progress independently. This includes developing a foundation of music reading, writing, composition, improvisation, arrangement, structure and theory.